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Coca-Cola İçecek
2021 Integrated Annual Report
As of 2020, our sustainability and financial performance has started to be shared with the public as an integrated report, with the aim of ensuring that our stakeholders reach the value we create from a single source.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Scroll down to take a holistic view of our 2021 operations along our value chain.

Message From The CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

We have witnessed the whole world going through a challenging time for the last two years. As we followed the path of science, we have discovered our inner guide, that is our purpose. In that very purpose we have found the strength we need so desperately to guide us through each step towards a brighter future and the overall wellbeing of our planet. What made us different at CCI was our commitment to both each other and our business, as well as our strong belief in creating value. These difficult times have once again reminded us the importance of sharing, the greatest virtue of humanity.

Key Highlights

People First

We published the CCI Diversity and Inclusion Manifesto.
We published a Gender Inclusive Language and Communication Guideline in English and Turkish.
CCI Senior Management and more than 90 managers received “From Bias To Inclusion” training consisting of three modules.
In 2021, we provided 78,261 hours of Occupational Health and Safety training to our employees.
We initiated the CCI Care program to create a "culture of well-being" in which our employees are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and resilient.
We have increased our 2021 Talent Readiness Index (TRI) score from 62% to 66%.
In 2021, we received the Best Employer Brand award from LinkedIn.
Our employees received a total of 88,453 hours of training through classroom and online platforms.
We issued private health insurance covering our employees in Iraq and Tajikistan. In Jordan, we expanded the insurance of the employees to include spouses and children.
People First

Consumer Satisfaction & Responsible Consumption

In 2021, the plain version of Damla Minera was awarded with the Taste Award of the International Taste Institute.
In Jordan, we added the phrase "Recycle Me" to
Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero packaging.
In cooperation with Coca-Cola İçecek, Migros has implemented a pilot application that supports the recycling of metal, glass and plastic beverage packaging waste.
The Guide to Reducing Sugar Consumption/Use in Turkey was signed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Federation of Food and Beverage Industry Associations of Turkey, where Coca-Cola Turkey is also a member.
We were among the signatories of UNSTEREOTYPE ALLIANCE in Turkey which was established to promote positive gender representation and diversity in marketing.
Consumer Satisfaction Responsible Consumption

Winning Together With The Customers

In 2021, Open to Curiosity Platform was visited by 236,336 users.
We implemented Corporate Whatsapp service under the CCI Customer Interaction Center services. We started to provide service in English and Arabic languages as well.
Winning With The Customers

Responsible Supply and Production

We have carried out plant audits to ensure compliance with Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP). We achieved a 98% compliance rate at plant SGP audits in 2021.
In 2021, we saved 12.5 Million MJ of energy, 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions and 185 thousand m3 of water with the operational excellence (OE) projects across CCI.
Our Intercity Transportation Planning Optimization Project within the scope of our Digital Products helped us save 143,153 liters of fuel as a result of increased truck productivity and route optimization.
We used 8.3% recycled plastic (r-PET) in Turkey in 2021.
In 2021, with our returnable glass bottle practices in Turkey, we prevented 67,302 tons of CO2 which is equal to the amount that 5.6 million trees remove from the atmosphere.
We used 25% recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene) in our plastic crates.
We saved 128 tons of resin with the help of lighweight practices in packaging.
We recycled 8% of the water we used in Turkey operations and 6% of the water used across CCI for secondary purposes.
With electric forklifts, we reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by 68% , preventing 521 tons of carbon dioxide from leaking into the atmosphere.
As a result of best practices carried out throughout the value chain, we prevented 485,000 tons of CO2 emissions in 2021.
Responsible Procurement and Production

Responsible Corporate Citizenship

We partnered with Ability Pool and started to manage the CCI Volunteering Program through the digital platform.
At the Coca-Cola Turkey Memorial Forests, we planted 50 thousand saplings which will prevent CO2 emissions equivalent to 20,570 tons.
Within the scope of the Tag for Good project we carried out with Dem Association, the annual hearing aid maintenance costs of 4 hearing impaired and deaf university students were covered.
3.2.1 Start! continued to be successfully implemented in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in 2021.
With My Sister Project, we have accessed more than 350,000 women throughout Turkey since 2015.
CCI Pakistan planted 50,000 saplings in cooperation with Pakistan Ministry of Environment.
In Kyrgyzstan, the Waste Net project was launched. The project aims to create a waste network for the recycling and collection of plastic packaging waste by collaborating between waste collectors and Horeca actors.
We established 2 more filtration plants under the PAANI Project reaching a total of 30 water filtration plants providing access to clean water for approximately 1.1 million people.
We saved approximately 4 billion liters of water with projects in Konya and Harran in 2021.
With CCI Azerbaijan, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and ASAN Volunteers and the participation of more than 1,000 volunteers, a total of 6.5 tons of waste was collected from the coast of the Caspian Sea.
Responsible Corporate Citizenship